If you’re anything like me you love shopping. Particularly from the comfort of the couch. I love finding unique items that i may not be able to buy in a regular store. Enhancing my house and wardrobe Etsy has become one of my longest standing favourite pastimes. I get a lot of “Where did you get that” questions and figured i really should share my hobby.
If theres a great product, seller or shop on Etsy you don’t think i know about send me a message. I’d love to hear about it!

I live in the North Island of New Zealand next to a gorgeous river in a house with my partner in crime, Aaron.

I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. If you or someone you know has this condition you will know that its a nightmare.
http://soulcysters.com is an amazing website about Polycystic Ovaries and has some great forums that may help.

To view my Saltandus Etsy Page click HERE.

To view my Pinterest page click HERE.

If you feel like you have found some amazing items, you have a great favourites section or you purchased something that you think is just the bees knees please send me a quick Email at saltandus@gmail.com


Due to not being a billionaire I have not personally purchased from all the Etsy shops I write about. I have not necessarily tried out all of the products. I am only showing you what I have found in hopes that someone may buy the item. None of the Etsy shops shown in this blog have paid me to write about their items and/or shop. No two shops are alike, unfortunately the world we live in some people may or may not be as nice as others, I cannot be held responsible for anything other than showing you some amazing sellers/items that you may not have noticed otherwise.


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