Etsy; Wooden Toys

Wooden toys. They’re fantastic.
I have a box of wooden blocks at home that i got for only a few dollars and a box of Duplo, plastic blocks that are worth hundreds (theres a lot!) and the children ignore the plastic ones as long as the wooden ones are about.
Wooden toys on Etsy are fantastic, Its like being at a river side market but with hundreds of creative minds. Check out some of my favourites:



Egg and Yolk have created the most amazing camera toy for any young photographer. If you don’t like the kids touching your fancy gear this is perfect. It has interchangeable lenses that work with magnets, they even have a nifty little video on youtube to show you how it works. This toy would work best for a 3+ year old due to the small parts.

Egg and Yolk

Egg and Yolk


Puzzles do wonders for child development. Berkshire Bowls have this large blue whale one, which makes waves on Etsy. This would also be great decoration for that nautical nursery.

Berkshire Bowls

Berkshire Bowls


Piccolini Navigli in Italy have the cutest VINTAGE wooden squirrel on wheels. With no defects this is the perfect way to pass on your love of vintage things to your offspring.

Piccoli Navigli

Piccolini Navigli


Have you creating an aspiring geek? Future Apple Employee? Start them off young with these modern wooden kids version iPhones. Personalised especially for your child. Best keepsake I reckon! Get it here at 3 Princesses.

3 Princesses Store

3 Princesses Store


After a unique teething toy? Nihamaj in Germany have the right toy for you. A colourful 9 bead teether with 2 rings easily doubles as a rattle. Perfect to keep in the Nappy bag for baby on the go.




Little Sapling Toys in Utah have the cutest personalised wooden teethers. With so many options and packaged deals its hard to choose from but this little guy I found super cute.

Little Sapling Toys

Little Sapling Toys


We like our personalised toys here, don’t we? Hill Country Woodcraft has created the sweetest Eco stacking rings. The kids (little and big) at our house love stacking rings, I’m certain these colourful ones will be a hit at your house.

HC Woodcraft

Hill Country Woodcraft


If Eco vintage styled wooden toy car’s are your thing then Aro’s Wood Crafts are definitely your Etsy shop. Detailed and perfect in every way. We have just celebrated Vintage week here in NZ and this would be the perfect gift to end the weeks festivities.

Aos Wood Crafts

Aro’s Wood Crafts


Imagination Kids have created an Eco friendly wooden airplane perfect for fuelling your young ones imagination.

Imagination Kids

Imagination Kids


Friendly Toys from Lithuania have created the sweetest little gingham bus. Perfect to add to your wooden collection this bus will help your little adventurer explore every corner of their imagination.

Friendly Toys

Friendly Toys

If you loved those as always add some to your favourites, better yet put them in your cart and get them shipped to your door!
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Thanks for being so understanding.

Until next time;



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