Etsy: Baby mobiles

Baby mobiles have been around since Adam was a cowboy. Some very crafty parents are designing and creating some gorgeous mobiles on Etsy.
Hang them above the crib or change table and you have one very happy baby. After looking at some of these I asked my partner why we couldn’t have one above our bed. Needless to say we weren’t on the same wave length.

Here are my favourites:


Sometimes the feeling of achievement once you’ve created something for your little one (or a friends) is more powerful than just buying something. With the option to buy a pre made one or to purchase the kit set these Hot Air Balloon kits from CraftSchmaft in Australia have been a longtime favourite of mine.




Everyday’s Beautiful have some lovely baby mobiles. Got a young fisher-man or fisher-gal coming along? Well you may want to start them young with this colourful Fish mobile.

Everyday's Beautiful

Everyday’s Beautiful


If your after a more natural feel towards your new addition then Sewn Natural have the loveliest Quiet Rainbow Felted Wool Mobile. With 24 natural balls hanging from a piece of driftwood your little darling can feel totally at peace.


Sewn Natural


Bossys Felt Works came up with this sweet idea during a serious nesting phase and we are so glad they did. Again another very natural mobile, this cascading rainbow sheep is perfect for lulling that little one to sleep.

Bossys Felt Works

Bossys Felt Works


Meme Fleury from the US have created a darling baby mobile sporting four angel elephants. With possibilities to match your nursery perfectly and made specifically for you how could you not fall in love?

Meme Fleury

Meme Fleury


Lullaby Mobiles in Australia have some of the sweetest and unique mobiles I’ve seen on Etsy. Their Rain Cloud  would be just perfect for any baby shower gift. Its crystal drops are so beautifully hypnotic, I’m in head-over-heels love.




I’m sure you’ve all seen the paint chip baby mobiles on Etsy, well this one is even better. With the same concept of an ombre of colours this little kit set is the faster way to create something special for your baby. Lovingly created by Lil Sprout Creations in Florida this one easily made the list.

Lil Sprout Creations

Lil Sprout Creations


Honestly Australia is the home of baby mobiles. This one from Max and Me Homewares has been lovingly created in Brisbane just for you. We love the linen look of these pom pom’s perfect your nursery.

Max and Me Homewares

Max and Me Homewares


Julie Dye Craft have come up the a delicate crane mobile. We instantly fell in love. With its peaceful origami this would be perfect in any room, not just the nursery.

Julie Dye Crafts

Julie Dye Crafts


Who doesn’t love the Hungry Little Caterpillar books? Perfect for a themed room, or just something sweet this Little Hungry Caterpillar mobile is lovingly crafted from FeltnJoy. I just think its so perfect, and remarkably its all done by hand!



Weren’t they darling? If you liked them save some to your Etsy favourites, Or better yet add them to your cart. Let me know if you found any amazing mobiles on Etsy or if you have purchased one of these baby mobiles. Were your babies as thrilled with them as you were?

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